Link Farming

For the most part this blog has been highlighting the tools and techniques used in search engine optimization that will help get your website noticed by your intended audience and most importantly, the search engines. In this article we will discuss one SEO approach that you should probably avoid; link farms. On the surface a link farm appears to be a sound method for getting exposure for your website. These farms are services that will build links to the content on your site. They will build these links through a network of known websites and this network is often created with the sole purpose of gathering a number of locations from which to point links to a client’s website. To the unsuspecting eye, the reports generated to the client from all of the links that were created appear to be a good thing. Upon closer inspection you may very well find out that the service is operating what is known as a link farm, which will raise red flags with the search engines.  Read the rest of this entry »

Backlinks: The Best Tool In The Box

The business of search engine optimization is one that requires the SEO professional to be smart, resourceful and always one step ahead of every new development in website design, the Internet, and search engine technology and website rankings. This is no easy task because the pace at which technology moves ahead needs little or no elaboration on my part so trying to keep pace is like trying to catch dragster after the column of starting lights hits green. Getting ahead of the pace of technology? Well, this is the SEO company you want working for you. The savvy SEO professional knows that the tools and techniques that worked one day may not the next, especially with Google constantly on the prowl for what they consider “dodgy” SEO techniques that propel some websites to the top pages on Google’s search engine. Knowing how to build a better mousetrap than Google is probably not within everyone’s skill set but there are existing mousetraps that SEO professionals can use to help you stay relevant in the search engines, and perhaps the best of them are “backlinks.”  Read the rest of this entry »

SEO Use of Anchor Text

The term anchor text as it applies to search engine optimization, or SEO, is a somewhat misunderstood tool and to some extent an under-appreciated technique for increasing your chances of getting higher rankings on the search engines. In a recent survey SEO experts ranked anchor text as the second most valued tool in their collective bags. Anchor text is nothing more than a linked words or a phrase in the content of a web page. It is important because search engines recognize anchor text links in their algorithms to determine how they rank websites in their search engines. Read the rest of this entry »

Upgrading Mainframe Software

Understanding the technology requirements of modern companies is a job for the information technology department, but it's usually a good idea to make sure that upgrading computer mainframe software occurs at the right time and doesn't disrupt company procedures or cause a gap in the recordings made regarding company information. Usually an upgrade is best handled during the holidays when many people take time off or during the summer when many employees might be on their summer vacation. Having fewer people on site during the upgrade process ensures simpler implementation and installation of a new system.

Creating the Words for a Website

One of the important tasks ahead of you in creating your website is creating the content that will be used within each page. You'll want to define a variety of pages that give readers information about each of your services or products if you're a business. While your site is under construction, suggests you should be looking at creating the content for your website so you can insert it into the website as soon as possible after the coding is complete.  If you're not a professional writer, getting your content written is also something to think about.

Reciprocal Linking in SEO Strategies

Everyone that has a website should be aware of what search engine optimization is, what it does, and to some extent how to do it. SEO, as it is referred to in the business should be part of the construction of any website because what’s the point of having a website if no one else sees it? SEO is exactly what the term says it is, search engine optimization, or put another way, SEO will perform various tasks, techniques, and processes that will get your website closer to page 1 or page 2 of the most relevant search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In constructing a website or re-evaluating the design of an existing website, SEO plays a key role in giving you the best chance to be seen by your audience. Having said that, SEO is no different than plumbing, carpentry, or any other job that you might know something about but prefer to hire and expert to get the job done right. As a website owner you should be fully aware of the need for and the tools used by an SEO company but at the end of the day you and your website are probably best-served by using the services of a professional SEO company to help improve your search engine rankings. One of the tools used by SEO professionals is now somewhat dated and the source of much consternation among the experts but it still warrants some consideration – reciprocal links.  Read the rest of this entry »

SEO 101 – Page Rank

Have you ever wondered how some websites climb to the top of page 1 on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing while others wallow in the obscure and seldom visited nether regions of the Internet. Those not familiar with how search engines go about evaluating and ranking websites will probably tell you that getting a higher ranking in the search engines is a function of how many hits the website gets. The more hits, the higher the rank. To some extent this may have some shreds of truth but there is a much more detailed analysis of website traffic that goes into the algorithms used to rank websites by the biggest search engines on the Net. Knowing how these algorithms work is the key to getting your website away from Pluto and closer to the warmth and light of the sun so people can actually see you. The tools used to get higher search engine rankings all fall under the heading of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO firms will attempt to influence one of the tools used by Google to evaluate web traffic. This tool is known as PageRank.   Read the rest of this entry »

Presenting One\'s Self Well

Different industries often require various types of resume work and being able to present one's self in the best possible manner toward a potential employer will make the job search process easier. With help from Employment Elite, making sure that a person's overall appeal to a specific employer is the best that it can be usually means extra work put into the resume and the cover letter. Having someone who can vouch as a recommendation is also important so that the person conducting interviews has a better chance of contacting someone for an initial interview.

Creating a Payment Schedule

A business owner or financial department of a small business might be acutely aware that financing is required, but before exploring different business financing options from Sure Payment Solutions, it's important to make sure that the funds requested for a loan or financing project will be paid back on time. The best way to make sure that future financing will not result in any payment hardships is to create a budget with different potential loan amounts and general payments so that the business will know exactly how much funding can be obtained where the business will remain viable and solvent.

Including Online Options in PR

A lot of companies have operated in such a way that the internet was just another place to put some contact information up and a virtual shopping cart , but a top public relations firm in Chicago will always want to make sure that there are digital press releases and other items on the internet that will build a company's PR level. The internet is a crowded place, but it's still something that will help all companies to spread a name far and wide for the purposes of standard marketing and promotion beyond that of offline ventures.